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Máy làm đá viên iNox VA10T



579,000,000 VND (In stock) Ice making machine INOX VA10T produces 10 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity:10 ton / day
  • Dimension 2300 x 1600 x 3400 MM
  • Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: Over 95%
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Ice size: optiona


Product code: INOX VA10T

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Product details

The ice making machine 10 ton iNox VA10T is the latest technology 2019 and quality number one in Vietnam market. There are many companies in the market that provide ice cubes to compete with Viet An company - but our company still stands at number one and creates certain impressions and beliefs for consumers. Coming to Viet An, we are committed to giving you - outstanding products in terms of quality, but it stills ensuring the suitable cost.

If you are a business unit of pure ice cubes with large production scale and you need business expansion - looking for products of  ice cubes making machine inox 10 tons VA10T of Viet An.Jsc. We are currently the number one unit in manufacturing and making industrial ice making machines in Vietnam. The product has now received ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification. Depending on the business model and uses demand, you need to specify which ice making machine 10T Inox will produce the ice cubes size to better suit.

Introducing the ice making machine 10 tons iNox VA10T of Viet An

The ice making machine Inox VA 10T can produce many different sizes such us  versatile ice (with ice cubes diameter is 34mm), coffee ice (size about 23mm), beer ice (ice diameter is 44mm)

If you run any  ice business, you can order and choose ice pipes of adequate size. In case, you want to trade more than ice cubes kind, you can "order", Viet An will immediately start producing an ice making machine with the number of ice mortar - which you desirable (these products will have cost and  time more than normal).

Good features of the ice making machine INOX VA10T:

- The maximum capacity of the product can be up to 10 tons per day.

- This is a product line with INOX design, you can be assured of using long time - an average of one machine can be used well up to 14, 15 years.

- Thanks to the purchase of copyright, Viet An brand ice making machine will consume only 35 numbers /hour compared other machines have 46 numbers/hour. You calculate 1 year you can save the number up to hundreds millions VND of operating costs.

- The price of INOX VA10T is extremely favorable - you can refer to ice making machine products INOX VA10T of Viet An compared to other products with the same capacity in the market.

- Multi-function control panel system is very easy to use - even for customers who have never experienced about  refrigeration.

- Thanks to combination  is good the cooling tower, therefore the ice making time is greatly shortened.

- The solvents for ice making are R22 type - these substances are completely safe for users.

Ice cubers process of iNox VA10T machine:

Step 1: Pump water into the tank, which located below the ice mortar.

Step 2: Use the water pump system to transfer the water from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir, followed by the water passing through the condensing system or evaporative condensing device (the duty of the condensation system is the transfer of water from liquid to vapor)

Step 3: Leading this steam into the ice tubes inside the ice mortar (below the upper water reservoir and the condenser).

Step 4: The compressor will start working, combined with the refrigerant in VA10T stainless steel ice making machine - to transfer cold air into the ice tube (the temperature is about minus 20 degrees Celsius), the steam inside the tube will gradually crystallize into a rock form and stick to the inside of the tube wall.

Step 5: After a period of 45 minutes, the ice cubes have been formed, the compressor system will reverse to pump hot air into the ice mortar, helping the ice cubes to be separated with the tube.

Step 6: After the ice cubes left the tube, the cut system under ice motar will cut the ice into pieces with available sizes.


Above is the whole process of ice making, if you have anyquestion or you dont understand - please contact us with phone number 0949 41 41. All basic information about VA10T ice cube ice maker, Please call us to receive more attractive promotions! Thank you very much!

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