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Ice making machine INOX VA9T produces 9 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • • Capacity:9 ton / day
  • • Dimension 2300 x 1600 x 3300 MM
  • • Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • • Capacity: Over 95%
  • • Warranty 12 months
  • • ice size: optional


Product code: INOX VA9T

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Product details

The ice making machine 9-ton iNox VA9T is latest technology in 2019 and the highest quality in Vietnam market. Using drinks without ice cubes will reduce the taste and refreshment properties of them. In addition, if there is a lack of ice cubes in the preservation of fish meat, it will degrade because of high temperatures and bacterial contamination from the environment. Viet An has brought Vietnamese people a new solution in making pure ice cubes. In the following article, we would like to introduce about iNox VA9T ice making machine 9 tons/day, as a device has high capacity and stable performance.

When the weather is hot, ice cubes use too much, it will lead to overburden, if only used ice cubes and dependent on the supply from outside ice establishments, it will make you fall into a passive and influential to business operations.

Why do you take a more proactive approach? When do you invest an investment in a high-quality, high-performance ice maker like the ice making machine 9-ton VA9T that is widely used? It is necessary for manufacturers and businesses, especially in the field of restaurants, hotels, fast food chains and takes away chain etc. ,. Viet An is currently one of the leading units for selling industrial pure ice making machines.

Prominent features of Inox VA 9T ice making machine of Viet An

Using strong capacity, fast ice making speed, advanced deodorizing technology help the ice cubes to be made without impurities and not affecting health as well as safety for users. This is one of the reasons for customers' satisfaction and appreciation of Viet An's products.

What does ice cubes size which you need to use:

Depending on the business model and demand users, you need to specify which ice cubes 9 ton VA 9T will produce the ice cubes. For example, if you trade in drinks like tea, coffee, and cocktail, you should use small cubes or hollow cylindrical ice cubes and smoothies use snow ice. If it is a food store, especially fresh food that needs to be kept cold to ensure a good freshness, it should use larger ice and thicker ice.

How much ice cubes used in per day:

The size of the ice making machine is an important issue that you must keep in mind before deciding to order. You need to estimate the number of ice cubes for your facility to operate in a normal without uninterrupted day - therefore, buying an appropriate ice cube machine. Inox VA9T industrial ice cube making machine is suitable for most businesses with large consumption demand.

Consider air or water cooling technology:

The cooler is really important to any electronic device because it will help your device to operate stably and sustainably. An ice cube making machine that uses air-cooled parts will save more water, while water-cooled machines minimize noise when operating and safe when temperatures rise.

Determination of the attached components:

The ice making machine 9 Ton VA9T will need an ice storage box when ice cubes are not used up, you can still store it for the next use. In addition, you should also equip a spare water filter to ensure the quality of output ice. Viet An's water purifier is manufactured on RO technology line - with advanced reverse osmosis membrane, not only durable but also easy to use.

Offer when buying an ice making machine 9 tons inox VA9T

- When buying ice making machine iNox VA9T of Viet An company, customers will experience attentive customer care services, a dedicated team of dedicated consultants

- Thousands of gifts, attractive discount vouchers are waiting for customers.

- Flexible and easy forms of payment: cash payment or bank transfer.

- Support installation and transport to your place, long-term warranty.

 With the market is diversity machine and many current brands, choosing to buy an ice making machine is suitable for economic conditions and suitable for current use needs is not easy. Over 10 years of establishment, continuous innovation and development, products of Inox VA9T of Viet An - they are always favored and trusted by customers in Vietnam. Please contact us at Hotline: 0949.41.41.41 for advice, select the appropriate capacity, enjoy the most professional and reputable service!

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