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Máy làm đá viên iva0.6t mới 100% 600kg


9,340 USD

Ice making machine IVA 0.6T produces 0,6 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity: 600 Kg / day
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Product code: IVA 0.6T
  • ISO 9001: 2015 standard
  • Origin: Viet An
  • Free shipping

Category: ICE MACHINE IVA NEW 100%

Product code: IVA0,6T NEW 100%

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Product details

The ice making machine IVA 0.6T new 100% 600kg by Viet An is an extremely important breakthrough in 2019 - It is the most advanced technology in Vietnam's export refrigeration industry. Ice cube making machine is researched and produced by Viet An company. This is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam specializing in importing and distributing all kinds of production machines, filling machines, pure water filter lines or ice cubes with a variety of capacities with safe product quality and achieving great efficiency, greatly reducing the maximum cost and saving electricity.

Máy làm đá viên iva0.6t mới 100% 600kg

The ice making machine IVA 0.6T new 100% 600KG specializes in producing ice cubes with a capacity of up to 600KG in 24 hours. Applied in processing areas, restaurants or supermarkets, fast food stores, schools, bars ...

The special that makes the new IVA 0.6T ice cube maker 100% 600KG become outstanding

- Quick payback period, with preferential price, about half a year you will recover the initial investment cost.

- Being designed with industrial design, dimensions of 1000 x 800x 2500mm, the machine only weighs 1150Kg flexible to help installation.

- Accessories are high quality, genuine imported from countries with modern industry as leading the world such as the US, Japan, ... all accessories have high durability, heat resistance, good waterproofing, improve the life of the machine.

-  The IVA 0.6T new 100% 600KG has an international standard cooling method, using R22 / R404A cooling solvents is safe for human health and the surrounding environment.

- The ice making process is completely automatic and self-contained, without human intervention, RO water filtration system - so the quality of pure ice is 100% guaranteed.

- Although having a capacity of up to 50HP and daily ice cubes output of 600kg, but the device still operates stably 24/7.

- Silencer system is very good, the IVA 0.6T ice making machine new 100% of Viet An has small noise, it is less affected and it does not disturb people around.

- The device applies the latest energy-saving technology of the United States, reducing 30% of electricity consumption compared to other machines on the market today. Along with that, water consumption is 600l / day, so you will save more than 550 thousand / day compared to using ice cubes from outside supplies.

Technical parameters of the ice making machine IVA 0.6T new 100% 600kg of Viet An

  Model: ice making machine IVA 0.6T new 100% 600kg

  • Capacity: 600 Kg/day - With such a capacity, IVA ice making machine helps restaurants, bars, supermarkets ...it is not worrying about dirty ice cubes affecting their prestige.
  • Compressors: Being imported from the most advanced countries in the US and Japan.
  • Capacity: 50 HP
  • Refrigerant: R22
  • Power consumption: 37.5 kW with this power level helps business units save up to the monthly electricity cost.
  • Type of cooling: water cooling
  • Ice size: 18 x 20 x 30 x 40 x 46 x 80mm - There are many ice cubes sizes for customers to choose
  • Device weight: 3500 Kg
  • Power source: 3Pha / 380V / 50Hz.
  • Equipment size: 1830 x 1520 x 4500mm

The principle of operation of the ice making machine IVA 0.6T new 100% 600kg Viet An

The principle of operation of the ice making machine IVA 0.6T new 100% 600kg Viet An: The steam is sucked to the compressor in the form of low-pressure steam and then compressed by the compressor to high pressure and high temperature! Through the oil, separator to remove the oil dust from the steam vapor! Steam the condenser and exchange heat and release heat to the water to lower the temperature and pressure and condense into liquid form! The solvent in liquid form is passed through the heat recovery device and reduces the thermal substrate and heat of the vapor, after passing through the evaporator. The liquid solvent is put into a high-pressure bottle! The flow of liquid through the pressure-reducing throttle system to the evaporation pressure! The solvent on the evaporator receives the heat of ice water and evaporates!

Operating procedure of ice making machine IVA 0.6T new 100% 600kg

The operation procedure of Viet An ice making machine takes place completely automatically and self-contained, just need to perform a few simple steps with a smart and convenient control panel located on the right side of the machine. This panel consists of two rows, the top row is the power-on and off-button and the young and old -adjusting button of the ice. The bottom row is 4 status indicators including fault warning lights when a technical incident occurs, the defrost indicator light when finishing a batch of ice cubes, the indicator light is frozen and finally the power indicator light.

The new IVA 0.6T ice making machine 100% 600kg is very compact, when operating again, there is no noise, so you can put machine anywhere near a site water supply.

Company policy for customers when buying the ice making machine IVA 0.6T new 100% 600kg

  • Many meaningful gifts, practical discount vouchers for any customer who buys IVA 0.6T new 100% 600kg
  • Come to Viet An, with the criterion of "please come and please customers go". Surely 100% you will be impressed by the quality of the product, as well as the dedicated service.
  • It is possible to renew the product for free - in case the machine has an error as well as equipment has a warranty period.

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