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máy làm đá viên inox xuất khẩu iva12t



The IVA12 Inox export ice making machine produces 12-ton ice cubes per day.

  • Standard: ISO 9001 - 2015
  • Origin: Viet An / Vietnam
  • Machine Constraints: 15 Years
  • Promotion: Packing System
  • Model: IVA 12T
  • Free: 100% Shipping, Installation

Category: ICE MACHINE IVA NEW 100%

Product code: IVA12T INOX EXPORT

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Product details

The ice cube making machine IVA12T 12 tons/day inox export is cheap price and the latest technology in 2018. In the past, the ice tray was used the most widely but now is not, and the ice making machines were born to replace and dominate in the market. Why don't we own an IVA12T ice cube making machine inox export that is essential for today's manufacturers and businesses, especially in the restaurant sector, hotels, snack bars and take away chain stores, etc, ...


In order to serve the hot weather and especially the peak of 40 ° C, using ice cubes will lead to overload, if only used so we have to depend on supplies from ice establishments outside, it will make you fall into a passive situation, affecting production and business activities of the owner. So why aren't you more proactive, spending investment in high quality and efficient ice cube machine? Coming to Viet An, you will have more choices, moreover, Viet An is one of the leading units selling ice machines in Southeast Asia.

When buying  IVA12 T ice making machine inox export - 12 Tons need to attention

The market is very abundant and diverse, There is a lot of ice making machine brand today, choosing to buy ice machine suitable for economic conditions but suitable for ice cubes demand is not that simple today. When buying a machine, you need to pay attention to the following: (helping us choose the most accurate one).

What is determine ice cubes type (ice cubes size) you need to use:

Depending on the business model and usage needs, you need to clearly identify inox export the ice making machine IVA12T - 12 Ton which will produce the ice cubes size to better suit. For example, if you trade in drinks like tea, coffee, and cocktail, you should use small ice cubes or hollow cylindrical ice cubes, while smoothies use snow ice. If it is a food store, especially fresh food that needs to be kept cold to ensure a good freshness, it should use larger shape ice.

Determine the amount of ice used in each day:

The size of the ice making machine is an important issue that you must keep in mind, before deciding to order. You need to estimate the amount of ice needed for your facility to operate in a normal, uninterrupted day, therefore buying an ice making machine is suitable. The ice making machine Viet An IVA12T inox export is suitable for most businesses has big consumption demand.

Using cooling technology with water or air:

The cooling is very important to any electronic device because it will help your device to operate stably, persistently and achieve high performance. The ice making machine that uses air-cooled parts will save more water, while water-cooled machines minimize noise when operating and safe when temperatures rise.

Identify the attached components:

The ice making machine IVA12T - 12 Ton inox export will need an ice storage box so that when the ice is not used up, you can still store it for the next time. In addition, you should also equip a spare water filter to ensure the quality of ice cubes output. Viet An's water purifier is manufactured on RO technology line with advanced reverse osmosis membrane, it is not only durable but also it is easy to use and very safe.

Outstanding features of the ice making machine Inox export IVA12T - 12 Ton of Viet An company

- Accessing to automatic control panel, strong capacity, ice making speed is fast, advanced disinfection and odour technology help the ice cubes free of impurities, it does not affect health as well as safety for people use. This is one of the reasons for customers' satisfaction and appreciation of Viet An's products.

- Being designed compact and not too bulky, saving space and running completely automatically, so businesses and household will save significantly the unnecessary costs.

- The ice making machine IVA12T - 12 Ton inox export is made stainless steel, easy to clean, long life and the machine works all day long without fear of incident.

- An automatic shutoff valve system, the modern dirt discharge valve is high quality, eco-friendly. Versatile filters cores will retain the essential vitamins and minerals essential to the body.

- The machine runs smooth, low noise, good heat transfer efficiency, save time and limit energy consumption compared to other ice making machines in the market.

 Small tips to help you distinguish between manual ice cubes and pure ice cubes?

When the company's quality inspection shows: We can distinguish manual ice cubes and pure ice cubes if we take a little care about:

+ Normal ice cubes: When ice melting leaves the residue and turbid.

+ Pure ice cubes: you drop ice cubes in the water glass, it still transparent, it can see through to the other side. ice cubes dissolved,  clear water like mineral water.

+ The pure ice melts higher than manual ice about 4 - 5 times.

Preferences when buying ice making machine Inox export IVA12T - 12 Ton of Viet An company

When purchasing all products of Viet An company, customers will experience attentive customer care services, young staffs are dedicated and thoughtful with high professional qualifications.

Discount programs and thousands of gifts, attractive, waiting for customers!

Simple and flexible payment: cash payment or bank transfer.

Free installation and shipping to your place, long-term warranty up to 12 months.

Over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution field. Our company constantly innovate and develop all products of inox export ice making machine IVA12 T - 12 Ton. Being always favoured and trusted by customers in Vietnam. Please contact us at Hotline: 0949.41.41.41 to enjoy the most professional and reputable services.

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