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máy làm đá viên inox xuất khẩu iva15t



The IVA15 Inox export ice making machine produces 15-ton ice cubes per day.

  • Standard: ISO 9001 - 2015
  • Origin: Viet An / Vietnam
  • Machine Constraints: 15 Years
  • Promotion: Packing System
  • Model: IVA 15T
  • Free: 100% Shipping, Installation

Category: ICE MACHINE IVA NEW 100%

Product code: IVA15T INOX EXPORT

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Product details

The country has a tropical climate as Vietnam, all round year, people need to use ice cubes. The peak is in the summer, ice workshops and ice making factories operate at full capacity. The ice making machine IVA15T inox export - 15 tons of Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company is one of the ice making machine popular brands in the market today. The famous technology of importing and producing is high-quality pure ice, with reasonable price in the market and the ice cubes production lines are from a small capacity to large capacity, Viet An is always the best choice to please customers in assessments and surveys.

The ice making machine inox export 15 ton IVA15T is the best price in the market, the products always achieve the trophy and ISO 9001-2015 standards. Along with the greenhouse effect, global warming, as a result, we can be felt very clearly. We live in the hottest days in export history. The temperature reaches 39 to 40 degrees, even people bring pans to the street to fried chicken eggs. Saying that the human refreshments demand is increasing, that is the reason for the soft drinks being used daily from clean ice making machines.

Business chains such as restaurants, beer shops, eating the house, canteens, food courts, hotels,  (even accommodation areas for students and workers living under hot roofs they have to find shops to buy ice cubes in order to cool their room) so the ice cubes demand is increasing day by day. That needs ice cubes thousands of tons by ice cubes making machine every day. So many people want to invest in ice cubes production, and know the ice cubes produced by the pure ice making machine inox export IVA15T of Viet An company but many people still not understand how made ice cubes by the ice making machine IVA15T? How is technology produced by industrial ice making machine? Besides, there are many customers who want to consult imported ice making machine, super speed ice making machine, square ice making machine, small ice making machine, etc., buying ice making machine is a cheap price, and ice making machine has capacity from 1 to 15 tons, etc.

The ice making machines in the branches - Da Nang - Ho Chi Minh City – Buon Ma Thuot - or the head office in Hanoi of Viet An has the good quality better than the ice making machine in China, even the ice making machine in Taiwan, because:

The ice making machine inox export IVA15T - 15 tons has a fully closed and automatic operation mechanism, during the ice machine process, it does not need any human participation. Moreover, the machine is equipped with the most advanced and intelligent water filtration system to remove all impurities and bacteria from the ice making water source, so the ice cubes quality always meets pure standards and ensures security full hygiene.

Conduit components, ice mortar and heat exchangers of ice making machine are made of high-quality stainless steel. The understanding machine is extremely durable with a life expectancy is at least 20 years specializing in exporting to Asian countries that have demand for industrial ice making a machine, thanks to stainless steel material to help the machine does not corrode by oxidation, adapted to many types of climate from temperate to tropical in Vietnam. Thanks to this structure, the cleaning of IVA15T ice making machine - 15 tons is extremely simple to help ensure food safety and hygiene.

The ice making machine inox export IVA15T is safe, clean and hygienic. With air cooling method is using R22 solvent imported from India to meet international standards to ensure safety for human health.

Especially thanks to the latest advanced energy-saving technology of the US in 2016, the ice making machine can save maximum power compared to other ice making machines in the market,

the machine has compact size but ice making capacity is outstanding. So you can rest assured that the device does not occupy installation area too much.

It is good quality, cheap price and durable. These are probably the three most important factors that make many people choose an ice making machine IVA15T - 15 tons inox export.

Outstanding features of IVA15T inox export stainless steel ice making machine - 15 tons in Viet An

Establishments producing ice cubes according to old technology can use inox export ice making machine IVA15T - 15 tons of Viet An to improve to making ice as well as ensuring the purity of the product.

Supply capacity: From 800kg / 24h to 15,000kg / 24h or higher depending on the request of guests.

The IVA15T inox export ice making machine 15 ton is designed with simple techniques and subtle.

People will often think that large capacity ice making machines are corresponding big size, but the 15T machine size is compact and aesthetic. But the ice making capacity is outstanding. So you can rest assured that the device does not waste installation area.

Machine operation does not require skilled workers.

The IVA15T - 15 tons inox export ice cube making machine is high durability, low maintenance costs.

With intelligent control system is easy to use, and saving maximum power consumption.

The ice making machine runs smoothly without noise and it is high working efficiency.

Currently in the ice making machines market, there are many kinds and many fake goods and poor quality products, you should choose a reliable address to contact Viet An company so customers pay attention to only deal directly at specific addresses, branches, or contact our hotline directly, in order to be able to purchase genuine ice cubes making machine. And being advised to choose the model of the ice making machine that best fits your business model. Thank you for your interest in products of IVA15T - 15 ton Viet An inox export ice making machine.

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