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máy làm đá viên inox xuất khẩu iva30t



The IVA30 Inox export ice making machine produces 30-ton ice cubes per day.

  • Standard: ISO 9001 - 2015
  • Origin: Viet An / Vietnam
  • Machine Constraints: 30 Years
  • Promotion: Packing System
  • Model: IVA 30T
  • Free: 100% Shipping, Installation

Category: ICE MACHINE IVA NEW 100%

Product code: IVA30T INOX EXPORT

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Product details

The ice making machine inox export 30 tons IVA30T is high quality in Vietnam. In Vietnam market has many ice machines brands. But it can be said that Viet An's brand is one of the pioneers in the ice making machine industry serving Vietnamese. In terms of quality, technology, as well as cost, Viet An ice making machine products, can be on par with products of advanced industrial corporations in the world. Currently, the company has dozens of models of ice making machines with a variety of sizes and different capacities to serve all customers. Not only that, but Viet An has also continuously researched to improve technology and produce more high-quality products suitable for the Vietnam market.

The inox export ice making machine IVA30T - 30 Ton. Viet An is rated as a prestigious and leading brand in the field of distribution and import ice filter and ice making machine 30 Ton, with dozens of years of experience and being awarded noble awards by the government, Viet An is proud to bring our customers the highest quality products. The ice cube making machine  30 ton is accepted and trusted in many fastidious technology markets such as Japan, the US ...thanks to the excellent design with the high-tech Italian technology system, in order to the production of ice cubes excellent quality, and the machine has a long lifespan.

What are the differences between Viet An's 30-ton ice making machine and the same types in the market?

The ice cubes produced by the IVA30T ice making machine are pure, good quality, the long melt is more 4 times than low-quality ice and Never left to cloudy when dissolving. The ice is completely pure because it is produced completely automatically, closed cycle, without human intervention so you can be assured of the quality ice.

Saving electricity is a common trend in manufacturing industrial equipment. The economical use of electricity not only benefits investors in the long term but also increases the lifespan machine, contributing to improving national interests. Understanding the above, Viet An has applied modern technology and launched a new generation of ice making machines, including IVA30T-30 tons is saving about 45% energy more than the old technology ice making machine.

Compact and modern design, it does not take up installation space and is suitable for many different uses. The machine used Italy technology with components and accessories imported from many countries around the world.

Structure of inox export ice cube making machine IVA30T - 30 tons of Viet An:

  • Condensing flasks (goods imported 100 %, it is not manual products. copper pipe structure is high pressure and heat resistant, it is much better than manual inox copper pipe)
  • The blocking valve lines, using the imported valves from (Van 22), it is not the manual valves produced in Vietnam as some other units often made it.
  • The exhaust valve installs Piston valve lines, it is not regular valve lines
  • The solenoid valve using Danfoss's genuine valve (Denmark) has an expected size larger than the required flow, it is not a regular valve
  • Ice shell is 8mm thick stainless steel mortar with high pressure, super durability, ice pipe is thick 1.5mm import 100% from foreign. it is not an ice mortar made of iron or stainless steel that is thinner and less quality.
  • Air compressors ensured new, not yet used in Vietnam.
  • The gas used by Viet An is typed 1 gas of India, not type 2, 3 or China.
  • The machine before being shipped must be passed the verification of the authorities, ensuring safety parameters and quality criteria. In order to give customers peace of mind when using Viet An products that have been tested, unlike other units that do not have a product safety inspection.
  • Viet An Company has engineers team who specialize in consulting and controlling input water for you, to bring for you the best ice-making products.

Learning about the electrical system of inox export ice making machine IVA30T - 30 tons:

  • The IVA30T ice machine applies the latest US energy-saving technology that saving up to 45% of power consumption compared to other ice making machine in the market.
  • The ice making process is completely closed and automatic, so the finished ice has pure purity meeting Viet Nam standard No 6-1 / 2010 / BYT of the Ministry of Health on food safety and hygiene, reaching The US FDA international standards. Machine qualified for export to ASEAN countries
  • The IVA30T machine has an automatic electrical system that helps the machine to operate the entire ice making process, automatically disconnects when there are electrical problems, automatically adjusts ice making time to get the desired ice hollowness.

With modern equipment, professional production management, the skilled technical team of Viet An company has been providing the market with high-quality products, guaranteed goods delivery progress, reasonable price. In order to meet all the different needs of domestic and foreign customers. We are proud to be a reliable destination for all customers. Please contact us immediately or by hotline 0942.41.41.41 For the most enthusiastic advice. Thank you for your interest in products of inox export ice making machine IVA30T - 30 tons.

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