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máy làm đá viên inox xuất khẩu iva5t



The IVA6T Inox export ice making machine produces 6-ton ice cubes per day.

  • Standard: ISO 9001 - 2015
  • Origin: Viet An / Vietnam
  • Machine Constraints: 15 Years
  • Promotion: Packing System
  • Model: IVA 6T
  • Free: 100% Shipping, Installation

Category: ICE MACHINE IVA NEW 100%

Product code: IVA6T INOX EXPORT

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Product details

The ice cubes making machine inox export IVA6T - 6 tons/day is the latest technology in 2018 and super power saving. Smart businessman and smart businesses will know what the best quality ice is making equipment. Come to the ice making machine inox export IVA6T - 6 tons to give customers clean, cool and high-quality food and drinks, without the cost of buying ice cubes outside or buy ice cubes is the unknown origin and not guaranteed.

The need to use pure ice cubes ensures safety and quality is increasing day by day. The local heat waves of summer, the amount of ice cubes produced is not enough to supply the market. That is why they pursue profit, so many ice making facilities have used water sources and unsecured equipment to produce ice cubes. Therefore, many units have a need to use large ice such as shops chains, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, beverage shops to households, etc., they often use pure ice making machines in order to the ice cubes source to ensure quality and save a lot of costs compared to buying stone outside.

Viet An Company is a reliable and reputable address in the market to providing IVA6T ice making machine with more than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. Viet An has brought satisfaction to customers used our products such as Vinamilk Company, Samsung Company, Shinhan Vina Company, Diana Company and some other big companies. In the article below, we will introduce you about ice making machine IVA6T - 6 tons inox export.

A great benefit when using the ice making machine IVA6T inox export of Viet An

It seems that all opinions and valuable contributions of customers are always received and absorb by Viet An. Because of trust and support's customer is the existence of the company. With young and dynamic staffs, we always try hard, improve the quality, price and after-sales service are the best. warranty service is the best in order to customers assured choosing the product.

Come to our company, you will receive thoughtful care. Hopefully, with the enthusiasm of youth, we will give customers confidence on the way of modernization. This device has held a patented technology and achieved many standards, its technology is focused on developing products of stainless-steel ice making machine IVA 6T - 6 tons with 12 months warranty & maintenance about 15 years for all Viet An products. With professional care service and utility warehouse system nationwide will satisfied customers!

  1. There is rarely any device to make high quality ice in a short time. For making one batch of pure clean ice: Only 25 - 35 minutes.
  2. The design is small and compact as it does not occupy too much space, so it is suitable for many spaces, easy to use and convenient.
  3. The perfect quality of pure clean ice meets the standards, it granted and certified by the Ministry of Health.
  4. Components import famous from USA, UK, Korea, Germany etc. ... with ISO 9001/2015 & CE Marking certificate
  5. The process of ice making machine inox export IVA6T is automatic and self-contained, thus limiting dirt and pathogenic bacteria to ensure user health. Operation mechanism is smart.


Ice sizes of the ice making machine inox export IVA 6T - 6 tons

Surely you also realize that the industrial ice cube machine can give a very large capacity of ice cubes (at least 6 tons / 24h) with machine products made tube ice cubes with different sizes depending on the needs of customer requirements, before ordering specific machines as follows!

  • Type 1: size 44/47 mm often used by southern people, suitable for drinking beer, sweet drinks etc. .... this type has the advantage of long melting.
  • Type 2: size 34/38 mm often use by northern people for many different purposes should be called multi-purpose ice cube.
  • Type 3: size 18/23/27 mm to drink such as coffee, juice, smoothie .... it brings quick cold for drinks because of smaller size so the speed of ice melting is faster than 3 above type.

- We are proud to be the ice product that is the highest quality and safety.

- The ice making machine making ice is fast and strong cold.

- With a large capacity of ice making, IVA7 T ice cube making machine is suitable for large-scale ice cube production and business establishments.

Note when choosing a 6-ton ice making machine:

In order to ensure the best health for family members understand the quality, price of the product as you are a smart consumer. In the ice making machine market, there are many different types and many fake goods and poor-quality products, so customers need to pay attention: (Please deal directly with specific addresses and branches, transparency to buy genuine, quality guaranteed products.) There are also many ice making machine facilities that are handmade, not professional, and equipment is not the clear origin, depending on the manufacturing industry which facilities will be equipped for this machine.

Please contact Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to own the IVA6T ice cube making machine inox export is the best. We guarantee to commit to providing you with quality ice making machine and conformity to consumer health standards. Your trust is the greatest joy for us.

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