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Máy làm đá viên inox va 0.4T 400KG


5,609 USD

Ice making machine USApec 0.4T 400KG capacity reaches 400kg per day

  • Standard: ISO 9001 - 2015
  • Origin: Viet An / Vietnam
  • Machine Constraints: 15 Years
  • Promotion: Packing System
  • Model: USApec 0.4T
  • Free 100% Shipping, Installation


Product code: USApec 0,4T

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Product details

The ice making machine USApec 0.4T 400KG is especially to produce pure ice cubes with advanced modern technology, the machine has RO water filtration system that can completely remove the sediment, so the ice cubes are produced with purity 100%.


Today, the demand for ice making machines is increasing. Pure ice is used in daily meals or cooling systems, most commonly used restaurants, fast food stores, supermarkets, medical centres, schools, clubs, bars, ...

With a large demand for pure ice water, many ice making facilities were born to bring high profits for the Ice cubes producers. But how to get the machine to make pure ice cubes to ensure quality is always a problem for many ice cubes production facilities. Through this article, Viet An hopes this USApec 0.4T 400KG ice making machine will be a great solution for customers.

Benefits of using the ice making machine USApec 0.4T 400KG

Viet An Joint Stock Company has 20 years of relentless efforts, we always acknowledge the valuable comments of customers, because customer support is the existence of the company. With young and dynamic staffs, we always try to be more and more perfect in quality, price and after-sales service, the best warranty and maintenance for customers to feel secure when choosing produce.

Hopefully, with the enthusiasm of youth, we will give customers confidence on the way of modernization. The ice making machine USApec 0.4T 400KG uses new technology (Energy-saving) compared to other ice making machines in the market.

  • The ice making machine 0.4T USApec save about 60% cost compared to the buying ice cost outside.
  • 24-month Warranty & Product Lifetime Maintenance
  • The warehouse system is nationwide utility, customer service is professional
  • Super speed ice making: Only 18-25 minutes for a batch of pure clean ice
  • The machine is versatile with a compact design suitable for many spaces, easy to use, convenient for customers,
  • The pure clean ice quality certified by the Ministry of Health
  • Components imported from Europe with clearly certified stamps of ISO 9001: 2015
  • Intelligent operation mechanism, closed cycle machine process limits dust and pathogenic bacteria to ensure user health.

The ice making machine USApec 0.4T 400KG and the ice making process of the machine.

The production cycle of USApec 0.4T 400KG ice making machine is completely automatic, without interaction with the human so ice completely ensures food safety.

The working process of the ice making machine can be divided into 2 main phases: the freezing stage and the melting phase.

  • The structure like a standing tube condenser consists of a jar, inside with many tubes, above the tray containing water, water from the tray flowing inside the tube and cooled and freezing to the inner surface of the tube.
  • Over time, the ice thickness layer is increased. The amount of excess water is put in a bucket under the inspiration and continues to be pumped to the above water supply tray to continue freezing. When the ice thickness reaches 10-15mm, finish the freezing process and switch to the melting process.
  • In order to facilitate the melting process and easily remove ice cubes from the ice cubes (ice mortar) of the ice cube machine, the tubes must have a smooth, flat surface. In order to melt the ice, hot gas is used to enter the liquid tank in the flask into the recovered container and dissolve one thin layer of the stone and leave the filling tube.
  • When falling below ice cubes are cut into short segments as required. Then continue the process of freezing. In the process of dissolving water pumps stop working.
  • The ice making time of ice machine depends on the thickness of the ice, the evaporation temperature. The time of melting stone is about 2 minutes and the thickness of melting ice is 0.5mm.

Structure of USApec 0.4T 400KG ice making machine

  • The ice mould of USApec 0.4T 400KG ice making machine is made of stainless steel tube.
  • Refrigerant medium: R22 / R404A
  • Ice cutting knife: Made of stainless steel, gear motor control, specially designed to produce cylindrical ice or crushed ice by reversing the cutting motor and using the switch to control for this function.
  • Ice cutting motor: Designed to handle heavy functions is to cut ice tubes in standard size.
  • Condenser imported from USA / JAPAN.
  • Water dividers are elastic, creating a durable external cushion for connections between ice moulds and water splitters.
  • The pump is a centrifugal pump made of cast iron, large enough to circulate the amount of water that will be frozen several times and create a transparent crystalline ice film.
  • Gas valve and defrost valve imported from Denmark or Japan stable operation, long life.
  • Compressors from USA / JAPAN operate stably, have high durability, run smoothly without causing much noise.
  • Control panel of USpec 0.4T 400KG ice making machine is smart: Access to the electrical panel system automatically performs solidification and defrosting process correctly.

When buying USApec 0.4T 400KG ice making the machine, our customers will enjoy the preferential professional care service of enthusiastic and experienced staffs in the field.

Please visit Branches or Showrooms of Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to own the USApec 0.4T ice making machine is the fastest today. Any questions about the quality of our products and services, please contact 0949 41 41 41. Viet An sincerely thank you!

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