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Máy làm đá viên inox va 0.4T 400KG


6,043 USD

The ice making machine USApec 0,6T produces 0,6 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • Standard: ISO 9001 - 2015
  • Origin: Viet An / Vietnam
  • Machine Constraints: 15 Years
  • Promotion: Packing System
  • Model: USApec 0.6T
  • Free 100% Shipping, Installation


Product code: USAPEC 0.6T

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Product details

Among the best-selling ice maker models, it is impossible to mention the 600kg USApec ice cube making machine. Thanks to smart design and being produced by the most modern Italian production line, this machine is designed with components imported from many countries in the world such as USA, Japan, France, Germany ... The capacity of the ice making high and energy saving capacity up to 30% compared to normal ice making machines, it is the outstanding advantages of the ice making machine in Viet An.


The highlights of 600kg USApec ice making machine

The product of USApec 600kg ice cube machine of Viet An Joint Stock Company has a large-capacity industrial ice maker, especially using to produce pure ice cubes with many types and shapes, different sizes. Therefore, it serves the needs of users. These USApec 600kg ice making machines are the latest in our company - the machine is produced by the most advanced technology in the United States, the ice production speed is much faster than other the machines in the market. Here are the outstanding advantages of Viet An ice making machine.

  • The machine has super power saving features, due to applying the advanced technology of the most developed countries - it saves 30% electricity.
  • The machine body is made of stainless steel.
  • The machine has a speed of producing pure ice cubes quickly, safely and clean.
  • The performance is stable and operation is well in all weather conditions.
  • The machine is equipped with an automatic control system.
  • For ice machines - the input water will be disinfected - filter toxic substances.
  • When operating, the engine of the ice making machine 600kg emits low noise.
  • The capacity of the ice making machine 600kg diversified suitable for all subjects, the machine can produce tons of ice and water litres per day.
  • Operation of the ice making machine is very simple with modern automatic technology.

The advantages of 600kg USApec ice making machine

The USApec 600kg ice cube making machine has a quite high output of ice making up to 600kg every day. Although it has such strong ice making ability, thanks to imported components, it is very quiet when operating the machine, causing less noise like most other industrial equipment.

Ice speed is extremely fast

Every 20-25 minutes of operation, the USApec ice making machine 600kg produces a new batch of ice. This speed is quite fast compared to other normal ice making machines in the market. This entire process takes place in a closed locomotive and is minimized to the working area. To be able to make ice, you need to press the switch once and wait to take out the series ice batch.

Easy to clean

It is not only inheriting the smart features and versatile ice making capabilities of the previous generation, and the 600p USApec ice making machine is also covered by a special shell with stainless steel material. Besides, the shiny outer shell also helps the machine avoid stains and it is easy to clean.

Pure ice making machine

The quality of finished ice cubes is one of the main reasons that USApec 600kg ice making machine has the trust of the international and domestic market. To achieve such results, firstly, you should focus on the water source coming into the machine, it must be clean water and can be filtered by a simple filtering device outside. Once in the machine, the water will be again filtered and sterilized to help eliminate the harmful effects on the health of users. The more filtered water is clean, the transparency of the finished ice is higher. We also recommend using an external water filter because depending on the regional water quality, there are places where the filter has become block very quickly, hindering the introduction of water into the ice making machine, and making device lifespan is reduced.

It helps businesses saving up to 30% of electricity

The parts in the motor box of the USApec ice cube making machine 600kg are from US origin and they are certified by the EU with the CE stamps. Besides, the machine is also produced on the quality line ISO 9001: 2015. Therefore, you can peace of mind when using this device.

Easy installation

The USApec ice cube maker 600kg is compact in size. Therefore, the installation of the machine is quite simple, it does not need a lot of areas. The installation of the machine is also very easy, with just a few steps to install the inlet and outlet pipes, together with the water filtration system.

The USApec ice maker 600kg suppress worry about dirty ice cubes.

Today the clean ice and pure water demand are increasing due to the main reason is that the groundwater source is heavily contamination (even if you boil water, there are still many toxic substances exist), however, not all families or production facilities have the ice making machine 600kg as good quality water purifier. Because most of them are "fake goods" products - they have not real origin labels. That is the reason that Viet An company was born - to bring a great product for customers.

The ice making machine of Viet An company is a specialized machine for producing all kinds of industrial ice pure and mini ice cubes with different sizes for users' purposes such as direct and commercial use, chilled, preserved food, ... etc. With the advantage of producing all kinds of ice cubes, pure drinking water is high quality by modern technology, the production speed is fast and especially convenient during use. The USApec making machine 600kg supplied by Viet An can save for you about 30% energy than other the ice making machine 600kg in the market.

So just shopping for your business the ice making machine USApec 600kg will help you relieve the worries of dirty ice to help your family members use clean pure ice, business establishments will be no worries about dirty ice which affect the reputation of their units.

In order to buy the USApec ice making machine 600kg please contact Hotline: 0949 41 41 41 or visit the nearest branches for advice. Viet An sincerely thanks!

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