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10-ton ice making machine USApec 10T produces 10 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity: 10 ton / day
  • Dimension 2200 x 1600 x 3200 CM
  • Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: Over 95%
  • Warranty 12 months
  • ice size: optional

Category: ICE MACHINE Usapec

Product code: USApec 10T

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Product details

With a large capacity of an ice making machine 10-ton USApec 10T is suitable for ice production facilities that need to convert and improve production technology as well as the quality of finished ice cubes. It is impossible not to have a large capacity ice making product that will help you to earn faster than regular ice making machines. When you need an ice making machine, please come to Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company. We are the leading company in Vietnam specializing in providing ice making machines and large-scale water filtration lines. The equipment that we produce has a certificate of "ISO 9001: 2015" meet the standard. This product of Viet An can produce 10 tons of clean ice per day!
With many years of experience in the water industry with professional customer care system - it will surely make you satisfied. We will not "because of the immediate benefit" which losing business value - we have been built up for many years.
The ice making machine 10-ton USApec 10T helps you to earn profit quickly
The purpose of businesses to use ice making machines is to reduce the cost of buying retail ice cubes as well as optimizing ice cubes quality. And it is more amazing if the ice making machine helps you capital recovery and earn a profit quick. Thanks to an ice making machine 10 tons/day USpec10T, the cost for a 5kg bag of ice is only 917 VND, it is cheaper than the current retail price of retail ice is 5,000VND / bag of 5kg or 7,000 VND / 5kg bag. Therefore, a few months, you can refund your purchase of equipment. Moreover,  each USApec 10T can operate for ten years will help you earn tens or hundreds of times the original value of the product.
The features of the ice making machine 10 ton USApec 10T:
- Cheap price compared to other machines on sale in the market.
- Good advanced cooling tower system, quickly cooling water flow, therefore it increases ice making efficiency.
- With the intelligent control system, which is very easy to use. The indicator light system helps to identify the working status of the machine. The power button installed just above the body is convenient for control.
- Fast ice making time thanks to mist spray technology. With ice making machine 10-ton, you wait 45 minutes to have a batch of quality ice with thousands of pure ice cubes of the same size.
- Thanks to the stainless steel cutter blade, so even though it has to operate continuously in a humid environment - the blade is never oxidized. You only have to replace the blade when the blade has been worn (these blades can be used well for up to 2 years).
The policies of the ice making machine 10T USApec 10T
- Warranty maintenance for up to 12 months. During this time, when the machine is in trouble, Viet An company will implement the free repair guideline.
- The ice making machine USpec 10T can be accompanied by pure RO water purifiers (helping output ice meet national standards for food hygiene and safety), a cold storage system to store ice (Preserving ice cubes while waiting for shipment), automatic packaging system ( helping reduce operating manpower). All of these devices and systems are discounted by our company to 85% - when you buying the USApec 10T ice making the machine.
- Free package for transporting and installing products to anywhere in Vietnam.
- The company will support and guide enthusiastically on how to use and clean the machine so that the machine will always achieve good performance.
- Customers can refund money or exchange equipment within 11 days - if USApec ice maker is faulty or it can run at the beginning, which has Viet An committed.
Việt An helps you building a clean ice business model.
Operating procedure of ice cube maker: Clean water will be directed into the water tank and then transferred to the water treatment tank above the ice mortar. Thanks to the compression system, the water will be introduced into the ice tube in the form of steam, next to the compressor will inject cold air into the ice mortar (designed at the foot machine USApec 10T)  - it helps steam inside the tube begins the freezing process - this time takes about 45 minutes. As a final step, the compressor performs a reversal to pump hot air into the ice mortar - helping to kick inside the falling pipe - below, the cutting knife system will start cutting the ice cubes with the specified size.
We often say "it's durable by the people use", so helping the ice maker be able to use it for a long time, as well as to keep the capacity of the product in good condition - It is advisable to leave the device in a position with a cool air, avoid direct the heat from the sun, along with placing the machine in a high place.
Please contact Viet An immediately for advice on choosing the most suitable machine for your business model. We always aim to top 10 USApec 10Ton - please contact the company at phone number: 0943 41 41 41. Viet An sincerely thank you for taking the time to consult our products.

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