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The ice making machine USApec 2T2 ton produces 2 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • Standard: ISO 9001 - 2015
  • Made: Viet An / Vietnam
  • Machine Constraints: 15 Years
  • Promotion: Packing System
  • Model: USApec 2T
  • Free 100% Shipping, Installation

Category: ICE MACHINE Usapec

Product code: USApec 2T

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Product details

Viet An Trading Joint Stock Company specializes in producing 2 ton pure USAtec 2T ice making machine in Vietnam. We would like to introduce to you the ice making machine of pure USApec 2 ton, Capacity of 2 tons/day with new technology to create pure ice, high quality, energy saving and ice formation time.


Viet An Trading Joint Stock Company is specialized in manufacturing and distributing ice making machines, machines producing pure ice cubes industrial with many levels of capacity each ice making machine 2 tons - 30 tons/day meet all needs of domestic and foreign customers. If you want to trade in many types of ice, you can order more ice motor - note that these products will have a slightly higher price than the original model, also Delivery time is from 20 to 30 days.)
Ice making machine USApec 2T
Be smart consumers!
Consumption of ice tablets is increasing, so many companies selling ice machines with unsatisfactory quality, however, the power consumption of these products always are higher than the products bearing the brand " USApec - VA ". This has led to an increase in the cost of production to millions of dollars in the short term. If you do not believe, you can verify the information by calling the ice manufacturers directly and asking for details of the power consumption - therefore you can make the most objective comparison.
What is the USATEC 2T Ice Making machine structure?
- The main equipment includes: compressor - condenser (heat exchanger and heat exchanger in water with additional cooling water pump and cooling tower)
- The evaporation and evaporation system
- Additional equipment: The oil separator works on the principle of changing the direction and speed of the fluid flow! Based on the density of the substance and the oil dust!
- High-pressure container: for high-pressure liquid! The task of releasing condenser surface heat exchanger and supplying a sufficient amount of liquid to the throttle system. - Liquid separator - Heat exchanger: Upstream heat transfer between refrigerant evaporator from the evaporator into a heat exchanger with a liquid medium in the twisted tube.
Operating principle of ice machine 2 tons USApec 2T:
Steam is drawn to the compressor as a low-pressure steam compressor compresses the medium to high-pressure high temperature. Through the oil separator, the oil droplets are removed from the vapours, condensed into the condenser and then heat exchanged and discharged into the water to lower the temperature and pressure and condense into liquid form. The liquid refrigerant is passed through the heat recovery and reduces the heat from the vapour and heat of the vapour after the evaporator. The liquid is introduced into the high-pressure container, the flow of the liquid through the pressure reducing system to the evaporation pressure! Heat up the evaporator to get the heat of the ice and evaporate.
Is it difficult to produce 2 tons of ice cubes per day?
- Simple operation, the buttons on the control system of clean ice machine is very easy to implement, because there is the comment line below.
- Customers can manually adjust the hollow of the ice by customizing the time of ice making (with ice cubes, the cooling time will be 45 to 50 minutes / 1 batch, with empty ice cubes, time making stone is only 35 minutes/batch).
Note: Installation location (the product will work well in cool places, large space - for the process of generating heat is convenient), should design the machine near the water source (Avoid wasting money on water pipes), do not let the product get sunlight directly from the sun (making the product more energy consumption when operating).
When buying ice machine ice 2 tons USApec 2T you will receive the following incentives:
- Free shipping USApec 2T are shipped to anywhere in Vietnam. Besides, our company also support to transport products to ASIAN countries, if you have demand (in this case, please pay additional fees for the company)
- With every 2 tons clean ice making machine, the warranty period that Viet An promises will be 1.5 years - during this time all problems of equipment arising will be carried out by the company repair free.
- Besides, we also support the use of machines, so as to exploit the maximum capacity of ice machine 2 tons USApec 2T.

Here is some preliminary information about the machine production, production pure ice USApec2T, all other information - please contact directly to the hotline number: 0949.41.41.41 below, to be specialized Viet An consultants more thoroughly. Viet An would like to have a chance to cooperate with customers about USApec2T in particular and other products of Viet An in general! Thank you and see you again.

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