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The ice making machine USApec 3T 3-ton produces 3ton of ice cubes per day.

  • • Capacity: 3 ton / day
  • • Dimension 2000 x 1600 x 3200 CM
  • • Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • • Capacity: Over 95%
  • • Warranty 12 months
  • • ice size: optional

Category: ICE MACHINE Usapec

Product code: USApec 3T

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Product details

Viet An introduced ice making machine USApec 3T 3 ton. Ice cubes have a lot of use for humans - therefore, They are used quite popular in all areas of life such as food, drinks, food preservation, ... However, there are many establishments that want to save cost and greed so that dirty ice cubes can be produced - regardless of the State's regulations on hygiene and food safety and environment.


On the market today, there are countless types of ice making machines, as well as many of these useful equipment suppliers. However, many customers have to wonder - do not know which model is suitable for the business model, as well as whether the machine is used well or not. Please do not worry,  welcome to Viet An is a reputable manufacturer of the leading high-quality water ice cubes and ice filtration machines in Vietnam in general and USApec 3T ice cube making machine in particular.

To prepare for the hot summer, clean ice cubes are increasingly used more and more scarce. With the USApec 3T pure 3-ton ice cubes machine, you will be able to make your own pure, best quality ice cubes without having to rely on the supplies provided in the market so you are assured of quality.

Highlights of the 3 ton pure ice making machine USApec 3T

The  machine USApec 3T produce 3 tons of  ice cubes is dominant in the Vietnam market, because The customers are quite favourite and it received many positive feedbacks due to the following outstanding advantages:

+ The device applies the latest energy-saving technology of the United States, minimizing the amount of power consumption compared to other machines in the market. The number of electricity used for 3-ton cubes is 7 number/hour and for other brands of machines in the market is 10 numbers/hour.

+ Using cooling system according to international standards with solvent R22 - it imported directly from India so the speed of making pure ice is faster, with just a short time you will have thousands of pure ice cubes quality.

+ The components used to manufacture USApec 3T pure ice making machines are imported from the " top" developed countries in the world such as the US, Japan, Korea, ... using stainless steel materials Inox304 helps the machine not to corrode over time, improve the shelf life, persist over time.

+ 3-ton ice making machine has a compact, delicate, flexible design when installed, the price is lower than that of high-end imported machines but the quality is still no different. In addition, with the function of automatically disconnecting when there are electrical problems, self-adjusting ice making time - it is very safe to use.

+ In addition to USApec 3T ice making machine. Viet An's machine operation is very stable, high performance, easy to install or easy to operate. You do not worry too much about the operation machine later. Because it hardly occurs any damage.

Instructions using 3-ton USApec 3T pure ice making machine:

- Power source: Because this is a type of 3-ton machine with a relatively large capacity, the input power source must be good and suitable, the plug must be sure made from insulating material, good insulation.

- About the water source: You should use tap water or groundwater to make ice cubes. You can combine with Viet An's modern RO water purifier, then the water used for USApec3T pure ice making machine will be 100% guaranteed and safe for users' health - when retained minerals for the body's humans, removing harmful,  impurities and bacteria environmental-friendly.

- Location of machine installation: Where to place the machine is very important, because if the machine is installed in humid places or the temperature is too high or direct sunlight in the area as well as the narrow area, this will affect product performance machine.

- You should periodically check the maintenance, cleaning and cleaning of parts of the machine, replacing the components of the device according to the time specified by the manufacturer.

Commitment to buy  USApec3T 3 ton pure ice cube making machine in Viet An:

- When buying USApec3T of Viet An company, customers will experience the most attentive care service, a team of enthusiastic and professional consultants.

- Many gifts come with a high discount and increase customers' benefits.

- Flexible and easy forms of payment: payment by cash or bank transfer. In addition, we also offer low-interest instalment services.

- Support installation to transport to all customers.

- Long-term warranty, good maintenance for USApec3T 3 ton pure ice cube making machine

To get the most attractive price when owning Viet An's USApec 3T and updating other outstanding products, please visit our nearest centres nationwide or please call the Hotline: 0942.41.41.41 for support and service.

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