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469,000,000 VND (In stock) ice making machine INOX VA8T produces 8 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • Capacity: 8 ton / day
  • Dimension 2200 x 1600 x 3300 MM
  • Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: Over 95%
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Ice size: optional


Product code: INOX VA8T

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Product details

The ice making machine 8 ton iNox VA8T is cheap price and the latest technology quality in 2019, as a number one in Vietnam market. In market is rare has ice  making machines with high durability, long service life and strong capacity, such as Viet An's VA8T ice making machine, the cover also proved that. Materials used in manufacturing this machine made of stainless steel 304, as substance that is quite durable and has a bright gloss, easy to clean. VA8T ice making machine is selected to assemble from well-known countries with global quality, helping to ensure regular ice cubes production every day without reducing quality ice cubes.

Moreover, Viet An has launched a new compressor about 99% German technology . Advantages: automatic electronic translation, exclusive air separation, saving electricity from 10 - 20% and small noise which does not affect people around. Being rated as one of the most prestigious companies and leading brands in the field of distribution and import ice cubes making machine, Viet An is proud to bring our customers the highest quality products. With attentive, dedicated, professional and best care service will surely make you satisfied and contented.

The ice making machine 8 ton iNox VA8T

With exquisite design streamlined, durable and beautiful

When hearing about 8 tons / day capacity - many people will think that the iNox VA8T industrial ice cube machine is very cumbersome, difficult to use and move. However,  Inox VA8T ice making machine is very compact, flexible in transportation and easy to use. Made with genuine stainless steel imported from advanced industrial countries in the world such as America, Italy, Japan, etc. ... it helps the machine possess shiny, easy-to-clean outer shell, not afraid of being wear and tear over time.

Powerful cooling system

The iNox VA8T ice cube machine 8 ton is applied with cooling technology combining wind and water. Operating all day with  large volume of ice cubes will certainly make the machine very hot - but thanks to the air-cooled system, the engine is cooler and increasing working efficiency. On the other hand, thanks to the optimal cleaning technology will help completely destroy bacteria and toxins harmful to users' health.

Save power consumption

Although, machine has an outstanding capacity up to 8 tons of ice cubes per day - but Viet An INOX VA8T ice cube machine only consumes very little power - about 80% compare the other ice cubes making machine - It helps you saving significant costs. Equipped with a power-saving system, especially the outer protective shell from stainless steel - so the machine ability to keep heat stable, the cooling is pushed faster.

Warranty and maintenance regime

In Viet An, customers are supported with long-term warranty up to 12 months. In addition, Viet An also builds staffs to repair, maintain, warranty and maintain the best after-sales service for the following customers when the warranty period expires with the ice making machine 8 tons Inox VA8T.

 Business models can use the ice making machine 8 tons iNox VA8T:

- Households doing wholesale and retail business, coffee shops, refreshments shops for ice cubes to keep cold and mixing smoothie, fruit juices ... helping customers enjoy the most delicious and attractive drinks which suitable for the 8 ton iNox VA8T ice cube maker.

- The chain of hotels, restaurants, and bars should have a ice cube machine  VA8T Inox to serve customers' needs and ensure food hygiene and safety as well as self-control in the source of pure ice cubes.

- Supermarkets, fresh food stores need to have ice cube maker for better preserved goods.

- Hospitals should use ice machines for drug storage and medical treatment, drug preparation.

To enjoy the preferential price and thousands of attractive gifts when owning an  Inox VA8T ice cubes making machine 8 ton, please visit our nearest centers, or call the Hotline: 0949.41.41.41 for perfect support and service. The company would like to thank you for visiting our products!

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