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máy làm đá viên 7 tấn inox va7t



429,000,000 VND (In stock) Ice making machine INOX VA7T produces 7 ton of ice cubes per day.

  • Standard: ISO 9001 - 2015
  • Made: Viet An / Vietnam
  • Machine Constraints: 15 Years
  • Promotion: Packing System
  • Model: iNox VA7T
  • Free Shipping, Installation 100%



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Product details

The ice making machine 7 ton iNox VA7T is cheap price and the latest technology quality in 2019 and number one in Vietnam market. Today, customers tend to prefer pure ice cubes because they give a more clean and delicious feeling. Most developed countries in the world also use this type of ice cubes.  Ice cube making machine Inox VA 7T is a device for producing ice cubes with an output of 7000kg / day. Viet An's company was establish to meet the demand of clean ice cubes on the market - as well as occupy the trust of users.

Application of advanced technology, The process of producing pure ice cubes is completely automatic. This makes the machine operator much more comfortable, so that workers spend time with other more complex devices, while also minimizing errors when operating ice making machine. The components are made of high quality stainless steel 304, so it does not rust in comparison with other ice making machines on the market only made of steel so it will cause rust to affect the quality of finished ice cubes. Viet An brings quality ice cubes - helps businesses and enterprise to be able to self-control pure ice sources to meet quantity and quality while maximizing cost savings.

What are the advantages of ice cube making mahine 7 ton inox VA7T ?

  • Components for assembling industrial ice cube making machines 7 tons such as ice molds, ice cutters, water supply tanks, ice motar, ... They are imported from famous industrial countries in the world. Applying stainless steel and stainless steel materials help the machine limit rust and wear over time, the machine life will be higher, ensuring good heat transfer performance.
  • Used a good cooling system to optimize the ice making performance quickly, in a split second you will have thousands of pure ice cubes immediately. Combined with advanced water filtration line is strict production process, Viet An ice making machine will ensure safety for users' health - while saving considerable time and power consumption compared to with othe ice machines on the market.

The ice making machine 7 ton / day VA 7T is the best on the market

As one of the prestigious brands, having a solid position in the field of import and distribution, providing all kinds of ice cubes and pure water filtration lines, Viet An is proud to bring customers products best quality. Although there are many types of ice making machines launched with many designs, diverse origin but VA7T ice machine is still the most popular and trusted product.

Being designed and manufactured exclusively for the domestic market, with 100% clean ice cubes quality according to US FDA standards and 6-1 / 2010 / BYT of Vietnam, the pure ice making machine product lines Viet An is different  and launched to serve the needs of small and medium enterprises and businesses.

Preferences when buying 7 ton iNox VA7T ice cube making machine of Viet An

- When buying products of Viet An company, customers will experience professional, dedicated and thoughtful care.

- Ensure genuine products, according to the standards of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, we do not sell counterfeit and substandard goods.

- Thousands of gifts, meaningful and practical discount vouchers for each customer when buying VA 7T ice cube machine.

- Flexible forms of payment, suitable to the conditions of each customer such as direct payment in cash, payment by bank transfer. Some items you can join the installment program with interest of 0 VND.

- Long-term warranty up to 18 months, donating maintenance cards for up to 1.5 years. Free shipping support throughout Vietnam (excluding islands). Customers can exchange returns within 31 days if they encounter any errors or problems.

Come to Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to own the 7-ton VA7T inox, it is the best quality ice making machine. Viet An would like to have the opportunity to serve customers. Any questions,please to call on 0949 41 41 41!

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