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Plastic bottle production line 2019 Latest

12/12/2019 0 Comment

Latest plastic bottle production line 2019. Plastic bottles are just containers but account for 30-40% of the cost of water bottles. Today, blowing bottles to save costs and time to buy bottles has been an essential need for bottled water manufacturers. Self-blowing bottles can also help manufacturers take initiative in design, an important part is creating brand value for businesses.

Latest plastic bottle production line 2019

As society developed, plastic bottles were gradually moving beyond traditional functions. Not only used to contain products, but plastic bottles are now also a means of connecting, helping bring products closer to consumers. One product that we come across every day in plastic bottles is bottled water. Known as a plastic bottle, PET bottle, but few people know the plastic bottle manufacturing process.

Let's learn more about how Viet An plastic bottles are manufactured and delivered to consumers. We are the most reputable bottle blowing machine, the latest plastic bottle production line 2019 in Vietnam.

Plastic bottle production line

The production of conventional plastic bottles is divided into 2 main stages:

Quy trình sản xuất chai nhựa
The process of producing common plastic bottles

Stage 1: Producing PET preforms

This stage consists of 2 smaller stages, which is plasticized in raw material cylinder, then forming by the mold.

Because plastic bottles directly contain food, the raw materials for production must be the most virgin, free from heavy metals in scrap plastic, especially for bottled water, the process must be even more stringent. Because of the original plastic has the product quality is high, the price is high, for cheap bottles, the manufacturing company has mixed recycled plastic, when you need to pay attention to this business, it not only affects the health of consumers that your business goes down.

Plastic beads are melted at a temperature of 180 degrees C for about 4 hours, the resin changes from solid to liquid will be pumped into a pre-made mold, then the embryos are cooled and put into a cooling system.

The billet molding cycle takes only a few minutes to pour, the formed embryos will be transferred to the container to test air bubbles, the standard products are cooled in air for a while, packed and move to bottle blowing stage.

Stage 2: Blowing plastic bottles

The blowing process consists of 2 stages: heating to soften the embryo, then blowing the bottle in the mold.

The embryo is transferred to the drying system to make it more soften. Next, it is mounted on the clamp, the mold is now closed, the push rod in the workpiece pulls down to the bottom of the mold. At the same time, the pressure inside the mold is increased by injecting more compressed air and blowing, the workpiece will be pushed out, the shape is shaped like the mold, until the embryo is completely drawn, shaped like The mold will be cooled with cold water.

At the end of the process, the pull bar pulls up, the rest of the area is separated and the product is pushed out, then the bottle will be checked for the last time, then stored and transferred to filling.

Stage 3: Filling

The bottles are first loaded onto a conveyor system and passed through a rinsing system to remove dirt.

Máy chiết chai VACGF2000- 4 trong 1

After being rinsed, the bottles are conveyed to the filling machine system, into the filling position to ensure that the bottle clamp bars can be hold bottle. Here, the liquid is extracted into the bottle by different methods, isometric pressure extract, isometric extract, quantitative extraction ... When the extraction is completed, the conveyor bottle is transported to the capping or capping position.

After closing the lid, which is labelled, this can be considered as the simplest stitch in the bottling system. The last stage is checking and packaging products. Checking process includes a series of sensors to check product quality (enough norms, close the button, labelled...), after checking unsatisfactory bottles will be removed. Standard bottles will go through stitch packing.

Above is the production line of quality plastic bottle casts. Any incident can affect the quality of the workpiece as well as the overall plastic quality. So where to buy the most prestigious plastic bottle production line? Come to Viet An company to be provided products with preferential prices and best quality.

Viet An, a supplier of the latest plastic bottle production line 2019

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company has been equitized since August 2009. As a leading enterprise and importer, distributor of filling machines, bottle blowing machines, water filtration lines and ice maker machines.

For nearly 20 years, Viet An has constantly made efforts to improve product quality and technical improvement. Always branding with the quality and trust of customers. Therefore, Viet An has received many certificates and noble awards.


Giải thưởng

Gold medal for high quality Vietnamese goods in 2009

Golden Cup of Vietnamese high quality goods in 2009

Gold medal of the leading brand in Vietnam in 2015

Certification of Viet An brand's certificate of ISO9001: 2015

Best brand in 3 regions of 2017

Along with countless other prestigious awards.

The commitment of the most modern plastic bottle production line in Viet An, applying the most modern production technology of the United States to improve efficiency, save labor cost. The entire production and assembly process ensures ISO 9001: 2015.

The latest plastic bottle production line 2019 has a lot of benefits for businesses, helping businesses to achieve high productivity, both saving the number of employees and saving time and costs. To buy the system of billet blowing machine, bottle blowing machine, filling machine, you can contact via hotline: 0949 41 41 41 for advice and support!

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