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Water filtration line of 2500 liters-h export for Mr Hoan

12/11/2019 0 Comment

Pure water filtration line 2500 liters / h composite autoval VACA2500 genuine, good price, long time use provided by Viet An Company. As a leading unit in importing and distributing genuine water filtration products in Vietnam. All of the filtration and water treatment products that Viet An introduces to the market are manufactured in the United States in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and are exclusively registered with USApec and VA brands at the Vietnam Intellectual Property Department


This is one of the pure water filtration systems applying the most advanced RO industrial water filtration technology. With a fully automatic, closed water filtration process giving you a standardized pure water source, you no longer have to worry about whether the water quality you use is guaranteed or not.

Water filtration line 2500 liters / h - VACA2500

In order to have a clean water source to ensure the needs of the family as well as the society, Mr Hoan in Hanoi has learned and decided to cooperate with Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to ensure the clean water source. Your accommodation and dining facilities and business operations are guaranteed. On 10/7/2019, Viet An has exported a 2500l / h water filtration line to Mr Hoan in accordance with the signed contract of 1019/2019.

A special feature of VACA2500 water filtration line for Mr Hoan

VACA2500 water filtration line is the best water filtration product line available today. RO water purification technology applied in the line of pure water filtration in the VACA2500 bottle can filter many different types of water into pure water that meets the Ministry of Health's 6-1-2010 pure water standard and FDA standard of USA. The production and assembly process of VACA2500 filter line always meets the quality standards.

  • With the ability to filter water-smart, ultra-pure water after being processed through VACA2500 filter system will drink directly.
  • The ability to filter water at high speed, 2500 liters of pure water per hour is many times higher than other conventional water filtration products.
  • USApec, VA trademark is exclusively registered at the Vietnam Intellectual Property Department No 250969 and 250970.
  • A closed, automatic water filtration process always ensures the stability of the filtered water quality as well as the taste of the filtered water.
  • As genuine water filtration products of high quality, the time to use the system of pure water filtration line 25000 liters / h - VACA2500 can be up to 15 years.

With a very good after-sales after-sales policy, always accompanying the production and business establishments during the use process which is different from other units that only sell after finishing. Viet An has a 1-year warranty policy for Mr Hoan as well as all customers who buy and install VACA2500 pure water production line, long-term maintenance and especially the free shipping policy on national. Warranty procedures, maintenance of Viet An place is extremely simple, just contact the hotline 19006013 will be arranged workers warranty, maintenance at your home.

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Benefits of water filtration line 2500 liters / h - VACA2500 Mr. Hoan chooses

 Water can be drunk directly

Application of RO ​​water filter with the micro filter size of 0.0001 micronmeters, so the line will remove 99.9% of heavy metals, impurities, bacteria, toxins and water. Giving you the filtered water, you can drink it directly without any other filtration. VACA2500 filter line also has the ability to add the sweetness of water, add minerals to the user benefits. This has created the advantage of this 2500 liter / h water filtration line compared to other conventional water filtration products on the market.

Help Mr Hoan create trust with customers

VACA2500 with the ability to filter water just quickly, while ensuring standards. The water filtered and produced in bottled and marketed water, which is much higher than the water of other units, so your customers will trust your products more and sticking to your product is indispensable.

In addition, the water filtration process of the VACA2500 filtration system takes place completely automatically closed, quickly every hour can filter 2500 liters of pure water from different water sources. VACA2500 is manufactured according to the technology of maximum power saving, maximum saving of fuel source so that the cost to produce a 500ml bottle of pure water of your unit will be much lower than production facilities use water filtration lines that apply conventional water filtration technologies.

Increase profits

VACA2500 water filtration line operates stably, close cycle, the water filter with automatic valve system, so no need to adjust the cleaning of the filter column and monitor the filtration process as water filtration lines use mechanical valves. The taste of the outlet water is always stable, up to the standards. It helps businesses gain customers' trust as well as reduce product costs.

Regime and services for Mr Hoan as well as all customers who cooperate with Viet An

VACA2500 water filtration system is exclusively distributed by Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company - the No. 1 company in Vietnam on importing and distributing water filtration lines, filling machines, bottle blowing machines and manufacturing ice machine making machine. When buying this product in Viet An, Mr Hoan will enjoy the following preferential policies:

  • Free shipping and installation of the construction site for Mr Hoan
  • 12-month home warranty.
  • Lifetime maintenance of the system.
  • Many attractive gifts accompanied
  • Special discount when Mr Hoan buys next products.
  • Warranty time for maintenance when customers need it quickly.

With a water filtration line of 2500 liters / h, Mr Hoan's facility will provide customers with the best quality products by the time he can recover capital quickly.

Would you like to become a business owner of bottled pure water business today? If you want it is very simple, you just need to contact Viet An today for advice on products of water filtration lines with a variety of capacity via hotline:


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