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máy chiết rót chai tự động 3 trong 1 VACGF 2000

VACGF 2000

17,783 USD

  • Capacity: 2000 bottles/ hour
  • Criterion: ISO 9001-2015
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Free delivery


Product code: VACGF 2000

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Product details

What is automatic bottle filling machine VACGF-2000

- It is a machine used for filling pure water and carbonated drink. This machine was produced by the most modern technology in the USA. With 3 automatic stages: washing the bottle, filling in and swiping the crown-cap. With 3 automatic stages, the company which buy this machine will save the expenses and the capacity is higher than other normal machines.


VACGF -2000 is importing and distributing by Viet An company all over the country.

3 automatic stages of bottle filling machine VACGF-2000:

+ Stage 1. bottle washing machine:

All the empty bottles will be transported to the washing machine, here 12 washing tubes will wash all 2000 bottles per hour. This machine will replace for 10 workers, this is a solution for a company which is selling water bottle to have a higher capacity but can save expenses (for hire workers).

+ Stage 2. Filling machine:

After being washing, bottles will be transported to filling part with 12 tubes which fit with any kind of bottles. In this part, it will have a speed motor to help the business enterprise to be more actively.

On average, it will be 2000 bottles being fill per hour.

+ Stage 3. Swiping crown-cap machine:

The crown-cap will be poured into this machine by the workers. The bottles after being filled with pure water will be transported to this part. In this position with 1 swipe tube will swipe crown-cap with the bottle and transport to the next part.

Reasons why you should buy this machine:

Because this machine has the new breakthrough technology with a combination of 3 automatic machines all in 1. It will surmount the failing in other machines.

All the details in a machine will make 100% from rustless high-quality steel 304, with automatic operating system PLC which import from Korea, Japan so the filling speed will be fast, exact and ensure the food safety.

Using modern technology, save maximum electric power using for the machine so filling bottle machine VACGF-2000 will help save the expenses for hiring 10 workers, working stable, low noise,

High stability, low price for corrective maintenance and after 1 year you can earn back the money that you use for buying the machine

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