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Máy thổi bình bán tự động VAMTB400

VAMTB 400 5L

8,652 USD

VAMTB 400 5L semi-automatic bottle blowing machine with a capacity of 400 bottles of 5 litres per hour

  • Model: VAMTB 400 5L
  • Capacity: 400 bottles / h
  • 1-year warranty
  • Long-term maintenance
  • Standard: ISO 9001-2015
  • Free shipping nationwide

Category: JAR -VAMTB

Product code: VAMTB 400 5L

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Product details

Do you know how to create a pure water container? Through the article today, Viet An wants to introduce to you the VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, a semi-automatic machine technology that has many advantages and useful features for bottled water, PET bottle production enterprises now. If you are interested in this technology, please come to Viet An for support and advice.

Máy thổi bình bán tự động VAMTB400

  VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic bottle blowers

Viet An Trade Joint Stock Company has 4 branches whole the country such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Buon Ma Thuot, and Ho Chi Minh, customers can go to these branches or go to production plant at the address: Lot 43 D1 street H2-G2 Quang Minh Industrial Zone - Me Linh - Hanoi in order to see directly the machines and how to operate, this is to ensure accuracy and practicality to help customers have the best choice for your business.

Uses of VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic bottle blower

A machine does not stop at capacity, save power, reasonable price and useful use for customers. Particularly for semi-automatic bottle blowers VAMTB 400 5l is fully integrated with these elements:


VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic blower has a high capacity: 400 bottles per hour is not a small number, to achieve this capacity, the structure of the machine must have many special features including 1 blower + 1 heater, the maximum size that this machine can blow is 5 Liters, with power 18kw. This capacity is suitable for bottled water business establishments who want to improve productivity and reduce costs when investing in the bottle shells because the shell of water has accounted for 80% of the value of the water bottle. If meeting the bottle shell source, enterprises will improve their quality as well as their brand.

 VAMTB 400 maximizes power saving: With intelligent features due to the application of advanced modern technology, VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic blowers are capable of saving electricity up to 30% of monthly electricity compared to The other blowers on the market, all of the materials are imported from advanced countries, the body is made of stainless steel to keep the machine shiny.

 VAMTB 400 is the cheapest price in the market: This is the remarkable point that the VAMTB 400 5L Viet An blowers bring for customers, because the machine is applied modern technology from the US according to ISO 9001-2015 standards assembled in Shanghai - China and imported directly by Viet An Gentra Joint Stock Company without going through any intermediaries, with technical specifications, full certification criteria of the establishments The price competence we offer is absolutely consistent and most competitive in the market today.

 Compact, beautiful machine design: With this VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, you can produce the jar according to your desired requirements as well as the units that you supply the bottle shell and the remaining machine. It is designed to be compact and does not take up space, making it easier to transport.

 Main features of VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic bottle blower

The configuration of VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic blowers

Power: 380V 3Pha / 220V 3 phase 50 / 60HZ

Number of Cavity compartments: 1

Includes: + 1blower + 1 heater + 1 blower + 1 heater

Capacity: 400BPH

 Power: 18kw

 Warranty (W): 30kW

 Blower size: (L * W * H): 1700x670x1860mm

 Size of heater: 1700x650x1450mm

 Weight: 1100KGS

 Max volume tank: 5L

 High-pressure air compressor: 1.2m3 / 3.0Mpa 15kw with a 90L air tank

 Air tank for compressor: 90L

 PLC & touch screen: Taiwan DELTA

 Air drying machine: 2.0m3 / 3.0Mpa 0.75kw

 Air filter: 2.0m3 / 3.0Mpa

 Water cooled machine: 3HP 2.5KW

 Mold: Steel

Note: Customers note that the price of blowers has not included auxiliary equipment.

 Principle of operation of VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic blowers

Step 1: Workers will carry out the flask into the flask dryer. In here, under the effect of heat and only about 90-200s, the billet will be heated

Step 2: The flask has been heated in the workpiece dryer plugged into a blow head of a plastic bottle blower. At this VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, there is already a mold bottle using 1.2m3 / 3.0 gas pressure.

Step 3: After blowing, the mold cooling machine with water will operate to cool the mold with power 3HP- 2.5kw for the next blowing process.

 Step 4: After the bottle is blown, workers will be sent out to the cooler then proceeded to pour or transfer to consumption place.

 How to clean VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic blowers

Machine cleaning will be conducted periodically depending on the needs of the business. The cleaning of VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic blowers will bring high efficiency such as:

 Ensuring hygiene safety for products

 The machine is always shiny, clean

 Improve durability, enhanced machine lifespan

 The machine is less damaged, saving repair costs

 Quiet operation less fuel consumption and power

 VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic bottle blowing machine has a quite simple structure so the cleaning is not too complicated, with the material of making machine is stainless steel, so the products blow out of Viet An, not only increase Machine durability over 15 years, but also help cleaning more convenient.

 Customers who want to buy VAMTB 400 5l semi-automatic blowers for the most convenience, we encourage customers to come to our company to view the machine and update the most accurate details. You can contact via the hotline to book a schedule, and get advice. Viet An is very pleased to welcome you

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