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Máy thổi chai pet VAMTCGF1000

VAMTC 1000

8,217 USD

VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine with a capacity of 1000 bottles per hour

  • Model: VAMTC 1000
  • Capacity: 1000 bottles / h 1-year
  • Warranty Long-term maintenance
  • Origin: Genuine
  • Free shipping nationwide


Product code: VAMTC 1000

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Product details

VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine supplied by Viet An Gentra Joint Stock Company is Vietnam's No.1 modern equipment. The machine is produced based on advanced technology from the United States and meets ISO 9001-2015 standard. Bottle blowing equipment is widely used in many industries producing bottled products ( pure water,  soft drinks, cosmetics ...). VAMTC 1000 model corresponds to 1000 bottles per hour.


The machine has the effect of blowing evenly and beautiful PET plastic bottles with super outstanding capacity. The application of VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine in production helps businesses to be more proactive in creating product models. Helping to save production time, labour... compared to buying outside bottles or using the method of blowing pet bottle shells by the manual method as before.


Technical parameters of VAMTC 1000 bottle blowers

+ Model: VAMTC 1000

+ Number of Cavity compartments: 2

+ Includes: 1 blower + 1 heater, 1 blower , 1 heater

+Capacity (500ml bottle): 800-880bph

+ Bottle size (max): 2L

+ Power: 16kw

+ Blower size: 1450x650x1700 (mm)

+ Size of heater: 1700x650x1450 (mm)

+ Weight: 900kgs

+ High pressure air compressor: 1.2m3 / 3.0mpa - 15kw

+ Air tank for compressor: 90L

+ Air drying machine: 2.0m3 / 3.0mpa- 0.75kw

+ Air filter battery: 2.0m3 / 3.0Mpa

+ Water cooled machine: 3HP - 2.5Kw

 Operating procedure of VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine

Starting bottle blowing machine VAMTC 1000, Time programme by worker and bottle blowing mode available on the computer control panel 

Workers pour the empty bottles into the blowers

 The machine will automatically work on the bottles, automatically moving the bottles onto the workpiece heating heads

 After the workpiece is loaded onto the workpiece heating heads, in here the VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine will automatically heat the workpiece with infrared heat, the workpiece after being heated will be transferred to the next part.

 VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine will automatically blow the bottle with high-pressure gas, blowing bottle and after the bottle is blown it will be transferred to the filling system to fill the water or will be transferred to the gathering place to transfer to the user place.

Auxiliary equipment

+ Cold dryer: It is a type of dryer that operates at a temperature range lower than the normal drying temperature, the dryer will dry faster because the air drying in the cabinet is dehumidified and very dry.


+ Air filter: Helps concentrated air filter in compressed air to be saturated with compressed air water to be heated during the compression process and then exhausted by the cooling system


+ High-pressure air compressor: a device capable of converting electrical energy into kinetic energy by using compressed air. That means a large amount of air is introduced into the device and compressed under high pressure. When the pressure in the bottle reaches the limit then stop. The energy generated from compressed air is used to inflate plastic bottle embryos into finished bottles.

 + Mold: Automatic tail-cutting mould by air valve, with heat flow, automatic, reduce labour cost. Perfect heat flow system. The material of S136 steel mould of Sweden. Mould is made of imported steel, high strength, corrosion resistance.

  + Air-cooled machine: With impellers that create wind to cool the engine

 Outstanding advantages of VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine

With smart electronic circuits, the capacity of 1000 bottles / h, assembled in Shanghai - China, imported and distributed by Viet An Gentra Joint Stock Company in Vietnam. With a compact industrial design, saving space. Pet bottle blowing machine VAMTC 1000 is suitable for businesses that sell pure drinking water, bottled carbonated drinks nationwide, and diversity in capacity, so customers have more choices suitable for their needs. actual production demand of their units.

 VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine is being chosen by many customers, because of reduced labour costs, safety for the environment and quality.

 This advantage will help businesses to be more proactive in the production process, enterprises can both serve their business units of pure water bottles and can supply plastic bottles for drinking water business units. Other in the marketplace, with modern technology, ensuring hygiene safety.

 VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine is capable of blowing many bottle designs (round, square ...).

 It works with a computer control system, stable features

 The machine is designed with safety locking devices, automatically disconnects when there is a problem.

 VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine is specialized for blowing pet bottles with 3 automatic stages, saving labour cost

 The system uses high pressure two links air-tight, the large mould locking force

 The system runs completely automatically, high performance, low investment, convenient operation, easy maintenance

 The bottle blowing machine stretches evenly, beautifully.

 Operating equipment for high productivity.

 Operation machine saves energy by over 30%.

 VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine is made of 304 stainless steel against rust.

 It is compact, space-saving and easy to install

 Operates on the basis of aerodynamic, non-oil use, thus minimizing noise and pollution for the factory

 1-year warranty and long-term maintenance

The incentives for customers when buying VAMTC 1000 bottle blowers

Viet An's products are well received by many domestic and foreign customers. We always take the benefit of our customers first. Along with good products, high remuneration has made Viet An brand strength. Professional and enthusiastic staff. Experienced engineers, the quick installation team

 When buying Viet An products in general and bottle blowing machines in particular, you will enjoy the best preferential regimes not anywhere that will not disappoint you, with:

 - Warranty period: from 12 months

 - Maintenance time: Permanent

 - Professional and enthusiastic staff

 - Experienced engineers

 - Quick installation team

For the most detailed and accurate information about VAMTC 1000 bottle blowing machine, please contact hotline: 0949 41 41 41 or directly visit Viet An's branches for best support and advice.

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