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Dây chuyền lọc nước chuyên dùng cho máy làm đá viên


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  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Capacity: Optional
  • Origin: Genuine
  • Standard: ISO 9001-2015



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Product details

Water filtration line dedicated to an ice making machine is selected by many consumers in order to create the cleanest pure and transparent ice cubes. In this article, Viet An will introduce to you the pure water filtration line used to supply pure clean water for ice making machine.


Dây chuyền lọc nước chuyên dùng cho máy làm đá viên

The principle of operation of water filtration line

Groundwater is pumped into the reservoir. Then, water is filtered through the following filtration systems:

+ Pre-treatment system includes crude filter equipment, organic filter, water softener system, safe filter, ...

Function to completely remove impurities in water sources such as soil mud, suspended sediment, rust larger than 5 µm, soften hard water and protect RO membrane.

+ Filtration system in water filtration line:

RO membrane filter for ice making machine ≤ 10T: With membrane gap size of 0.0001 µm, RO membrane only allows water molecules smaller than 0.0001 µm to pass and carry one part beneficial mineral. Through the RO membrane system all bacteria, viruses and toxic substances in the water are removed.

UF filter membrane for ice making machine 11T - 30T: With filter gap size from 0.01 to 0.1 µm. UF filter membrane allows the filtration of colloids, small sized solvents and molecules such as bacteria, viruses, ...

Water through the above stage is completely up to the standards set by the Ministry of Health.

The advantages that Viet An water filtration line brings for you

The quality

Today, It made in the United States with the best components and filter materials originating from the most advanced countries in the field of water filtration. The production process, as well as assembly products, comply with the most rigorous ISO 9001: 2015 standards today. The product can run continuously 24/7 and lifespan expectancy is over 10 years.

  • Smart water filter

Designed with a smart electronic panel is capable of automatic disconnecting when there is a problem. The purifying water process is completely automatic.

  • Modern styles, compact design

Although the product line has the ability to filter water with large capacity, specialized water filtration line for ice making machine of Viet An is designed very compact, it does not occupy more the production facilities area. Moreover, it is sophisticated and highly aesthetic so it is easy to clean and preserve.

  • Extremely low power consumption

The most modern and special design application specialized water filtration line for ice making machine saves energy consumption to the maximum, it will be able to save 10-30% of the electricity consumption cost compare with other products.

Price of water filter line when coming with ice making machine

With each capacity is different, there will be a different price. On average, a specialized water filtration line for ice making machine will have cost a few tens millions VND.

Viet An provides a price list for products of water purification line for ice making machine. You can find the most suitable model based on the main indicators of the device in the table below.



Model VA

Technical specifications

Sale price


VAMĐ 400

RO 400L/h for ice making machine ≤ 3T



VAMĐ 750

RO 750L/h for ice making machine  ≤ 10T



VANN 1000

UF 1000L/h for ice making machine  ≤ 15T



VANN 2000

UF 2000L/h for ice making machine  ≤ 30T


Where to buy specialized water filter lines for ice making machine?

Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company is one of the leading enterprises in importing, distributing RO purification water line, filling machine, producing ice cube machine, ... with VA brand, USApec brand, Vinaro brand as quality is number one in Vietnam.


When buying products of Viet An Company, customers will experience the best care service, dedicated and thoughtful consultants.

 + Price support for customers who purchase water filtration line with an ice making machine.

 + Flexible forms of payment with all customers condition: direct payment in cash, payment via bank, delivery of money at home.

 + Cheap and reputable repair service in the fastest time. For customers who have used specialized water filtration lines for ice making machines of Viet An.

With modern equipment, professional production management, the skilled technical team of Viet An company has been providing the market with high-quality products, guaranteed goods delivery progress, reasonable price. To aim at the different needs of domestic and foreign customers.


Please contact Viet An at the hotline number: 0949.41.41.41 to immediately own the water filtration line dedicated to an ice making machine to make finished ice cubes with pure purity and dominate the Vietnam market today.

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