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Pure Water Bottling Line‎

13/01/2020 0 Comment

In recent years, the market for bottled water has been constantly growing and growing in recent years. Comes with it is the water filtration line technology is also constantly developing. And the amount of bottled water consumed in large quantities every year especially during the summer. There have been many businesses that have grown and gone up thanks to the bottled water business under the effective support of this water filtration line.

Dây chuyền lọc nước đóng chai

Bottled water filtration line

The water used to produce bottled water can be obtained from many sources: tap water, groundwater, surface water, even seawater. But it is important that the upstream treatment is done to reduce the impurity load significantly, ensuring the stable quality of the finished product - so it is imperative to use bottled pure water filtration lines.

Diagram of typical bottled water treatment technology

Source water is supplied from the network or tank into the treatment system. The process of the system consists of 3 phases (see block diagram below) with the following functions:

Sơ đồ xử lý nước đóng chai

Diagram of bottled water treatment

Stage 1: iron deodorization - discolouration - softening system, with the function of adjusting the pH, deionizing iron, deodorizing and softening.

Stage 2: Refining - reverse osmosis system, has the function of refining 5mm and demineralizing with osmosis membrane, aeration of Ozone before containing intermediate.

Stage 3: purification - disinfection system, 2-level purification function (activated carbon, 1mm), UV sterilization, and final filtration with a 0.2mm ultra-fine filter core.

The purpose of stage 1 (pretreatment) is to significantly reduce the impurity load, ensure the absolute quality of the finished product, and effectively protect the RO filters, which are important details in the system.

Phase 2 is a reverse osmosis filtration system using standard R.O membrane with demineralization efficiency of 98 - 99%. At the end of the phase, the water is aerated by Ozone for the first time and preserved against reinfection when stored in intermediate tanks.

Phase 3 is also the stage of finishing the water product after demineralization, before bottling, bottling, applying multi-level purification techniques (activated carbon, 1mm, bactericidal 2nd with UV rays, so not only the finished water is of high purity, meeting the quality standards of hygiene and safety, but also has a good taste and taste, creating a pleasant feeling for consumers.

So why choose bottled water filtration line?

The demand for clean water sources is huge.

Clean water is becoming less and less scarce. The demand for clean water is increasing, the quality of water must also be improved. If only the old technology is installed and used, the capacity is low, the water quality is poor and labor-intensive. Reduce competition of enterprises.

Trading in clean bottled water with high efficiency

There is not affect the crop, easy to buy and sell. To be able to sell drinking water simply because this is the necessity of life. Investing an initial cost of an existing water filtration line will have a lasting effect on your business.

Saving labor, increasing competitiveness

Applying modern technology, the bottled water production line operates fully automatically. No labor costs during operation, intelligent control systems and programming that allow you to optimize productivity and efficiency. Viet An's machine is designed to be assembled and connected to other devices.

Reasonable investment when buying pure water filtration lines

Investing in a line of RO or Nano pure water filtration systems with appropriate capacity to produce and trade pure water when the demand for pure water is increasing as at present.

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Prestigious unit constructed and installed high quality bottled water filtration line

Currently, there are many companies looking for distributors of high quality water line but the problem of finding the best one is considered extremely important.

Constructing a water filtration line is not an easy problem, so having to find a reputable unit to help you own the best water filtration system. If you are looking for a reputable water supply line unit that applies the latest water filtration technology, has the ability to install water filtration lines quickly, quality assurance but the price is reasonable, please come to Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company to be served by us.

With a long experience in water treatment profession, Viet An owns a team of good technical staff, capable of executing and installing lines very fast, very good, bringing the ability to operate extremely high quality systems.

Warranty: Each line of Viet An bottled water filter will have a 1 year warranty period. Besides, Viet An will continue to support equipment maintenance for customers in the following years.

Incentives: Viet An always wants to bring users a clean water source to use, so the company has many promotions to customers from time to time, each different region. To find out what the company currently offers when buying bottled water filtration lines, please quickly contact our care department via the hotline: 0949 41 41 41. in the shortest time.

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