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Viet An proceeds to export ice machine in Hung Yen

20/01/2020 0 Comment

Today, on 11/05/2019, Viet An General Joint Stock Company proceeded to export ice machine for Mr Trien from Hung Yen in accordance with the contract MĐ2019HY 101 IVA2T34 * 40 signed.

Exporting IVA2T ice making machine to Mr Trien in Hung Yen

Hung Yen is a province located in the center of the Northern Delta between three major cities: Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Nam Dinh, located in the northern key economic region, one of the two provinces in the North. plains, no forests, no mountains. Hung Yen is not adjacent to the sea. The height of the land is almost uniform, the terrain is very favorable. Along with the national economic development, Hung Yen is considered as one of the provinces with relatively fast and high economic growth. Hung Yen economy is changing day by day. The economic structure is gradually shifting towards industrialization and modernization, so the selection of ice cubes is a very reasonable business that brings high profits to the owners.

2 tons ice making machine is the most modern product today

Currently, the demand for ice production is increasing. Ice cubes are used in daily living or cooling systems, most commonly used in restaurants, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, health centers, schools, clubs/bars, ... Machines meeting food safety standards of the Ministry of Health.


With the need to use such large ice cubes, many establishments producing ice cubes were born bringing high profits to the ice producers. But how to ensure quality ice is always the problem of many ice production facilities


For these reasons, our company Viet An has created a machine to make pure ice cubes to ensure the quality standards and meet the current large consumption demand. Ice cube making machine is manufactured according to different capacities depending on customers' needs. The machine has a capacity of 1 ton - 100 tons.

We promise you will not find a facility with the same quality and modern 2-ton ice cube making machine as in Viet An - We are committed to being the leading company in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing pure ice making machine as well as filling machines, water filtration lines, bottle blowing, etc.

Good features of the product 2 tons of ice cubes making machine of Viet An

An automatic control system, very easy to use - even for customers who have never had experience in refrigeration.

The maximum capacity of the product can be up to 2000kg of ice cubes a day.

Because this is a product line designed with INOX 304, you can be assured of the use time - on average, this machine can use well with up to 20 years.

Thanks to the optimal design, fabrication and installation of equipment, Viet An ice cube machine saves 45% of power consumption. If you calculate 1 year you can save up to hundreds of millions of operating costs.

The price of 2-ton ice machine is extremely preferential - you can refer to the product of Viet An ice machine compared to other products with the same capacity sold in the market to have a good choice.

By combining well with cooling tower, ice making time is greatly shortened.

The solvents for making ice are both R22 / R404A - these substances are completely safe for users.

100% new compressor is imported from Denmark, pledging to help the machine run smoothly, without worry of damage, output as committed.

Coming to Viet An, Mr Trien will receive many preferential policies as well as attractive gifts. Viet An offers him a packing system - this component will help him produce ice cube in the most efficient way for his facility's packaging process.

Components for Mr Trien

When installing and using 2 tons of ice cube making machine, Mr Trien should note:

Developers need to prepare the following stages to make the installation job most convenient:

- Power source: Because this is an ice maker with a capacity of 2 tons/hour, you need to pay attention to the voltage level suitable for equipment requiring 3-phase-380V power supply, moderate thickness and installation method electrical network for reasonable.

- Regarding water sources: Should use filtered water, tap water, underground water ... In addition, in the process of bringing water from outside into the machine, the water pipes after using for a while will be easy. With water deposition and lots of dirt, the water source will be dirty and oily, so Mr. Trien needs to clean the filter according to our specified time, he also needs to prepare the water tank according to the technical instructions. to store water for ice making machine.

- Ground: Mr Trien carefully studies the location of the 2-ton ice machine, choosing cool and flat places. If you leave the device in a humid place, where there is direct sunlight, this will reduce the productivity and quality of ice cubes.

 - Should the periodic inspection, maintenance, cleaning or replacement of components if necessary, prevent the growth of microorganisms from damaging the machine.

Certainly, not only Mr Trien but also a lot of customers who have chosen Viet An are completely satisfied and confident in the quality of the ice machine as well as the warranty, maintenance, after-sales policies that we put out. Thank you for being with Viet An.

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